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A Cup of Christmas Cheer Is Here!

christmas-cheer-3-4-500x500I interrupt my blogging sabbatical to share some exciting news! Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I’m part of a Guideposts collection called A Cup of Christmas Cheer. My short story, Ring of Kindness, is included in Volume 4 — Tales of Christmas Present.

The exciting news is that the books are available for purchase TODAY! You can find them by clicking this link.

They come in a two-volume set and make the perfect holiday gift. They’re hard cover but small and lightweight, and the stories are sure to inspire and uplift you during the Christmas season.

A couple other opportunities to note:

– The other Christmas Cheer authors and I have launched a blog dedicated solely to the collection. Each week, an author is sharing about their story and offering a giveaway. My post happens to be today! (And I’m giving a $10 Amazon gift card, so you don’t want to miss out.) :) Here’s the link:

– There will also be a Facebook party with all the authors on Thursday, November 6th. You’ll get the chance to interact one-on-one with the authors, learn more tidbits about the stories, and enter into several book giveaways, including a chance to win all four volumes of A Cup of Christmas Cheer!

If you’re interested in the Facebook party, be sure to hop over and follow my author page. That’s where I’ll share the invitation to the party once it’s available.

All right, I think that covers all the links for now. :) I hope to see you over at the Christmas blog today! And wherever this autumn takes you, I pray you’ll feel God’s everlasting arms covering you with His peace.


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A Season of Work: When God Says Go

Life has a way of slipping by, doesn’t it? When I realized almost a year had passed since my last blog post, I knew it was time to drop in and share what God’s been doing lately. And man, has He been busy! Here’s just a sampling…

In the early part of 2013, I went through what I called a season of sacrifice. God had asked me to lay down my writing for a season, to honor Him by knowing Him more and pouring my heart into my family. It was a beautiful, weightless season that grounded me and strengthened my faith.

Then shortly after, I announced to my Facebook friends that I’d signed my first fiction contract–a novella project with three other authors that was to release with B&H Publishing in October 2015. One month later, I learned that B&H was closing their fiction line and the novella project was off the table.

All this time, a new story had embedded itself deeper in my heart and mind, and I felt a distinct pressing from God to start writing again. I had a few Moses moments and said, “Are You sure, God?” To which He said, “Go.”

So here I am, back to juggling writing and motherhood and life in general. Let’s just say there are moments when I ask, “Can’t You call me back to a season of sacrifice? It was sooo much easier focusing on You and my family.”

But just like God led the Israelites through the desert–His cloud and pillar of fire telling them to sit still at times and then move at others–the same is true for me. I don’t necessarily know where I’ll end up, but I’m trusting that He knows. And in the meantime, He’ll provide enough manna and quail to sustain me. (Or a personal chef and housekeeper would suffice.) :)

So that’s where I am, friends. Still doing my best at this thing called life. I may pop in here from time to time, but I’m not at a place to commit to regular posts yet. (I do update my home page every few months, and if you haven’t already found me on Facebook, rumor has it that I visit there more frequently.)

No matter what season you find yourself in, I pray this post finds you in the center of God’s will, breathing in His deep and lasting joy.

God bless,


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